Is your data working for you?

A well aligned data strategy is critical for a successful business strategy

Find out how to navigate your organisation to well organised, managed and monetised data.

What’s a data strategy?

It’s not just about the technology



"Data strategy is about maximising the use of data across the organisation to drive business value."

Tony Cassin-Scott
Strategy Director, The Data Practice

And why do we need one?

All too often, organisations develop a data strategy that fails to align with the business strategy, or focuses on the technical aspects of data.

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Data can shift the needle on the dial

Data can make a significant difference to the bottom line. To get the best out of it, you need a data strategy aligned with your business strategy, as well as the right organisational structures and technology.

We can help, from deciding where to start, to creating sustainable long-term value.

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Our Data Navigator is a structured methodology that identifies and drives value, for organisations at any stage of data maturity.​

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Do your applications help, or hinder, decision-making? Symptoms of less than optimal setups include:

  • Multiple copies of the “same” data

  • More than one value for “gross revenue"

  • Numbers not reconciling between different systems

  • Spending too much time joining and cleaning data in Excel

You end up spend too much time organising and formatting information – and not enough on analysis and insight into how your business is performing, and opportunities you can seize.

We help to identify what data is key to you, to achieve your business goals and speed up daily tasks. We help you focus on the important data and help you find ways to improve your information management.

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How good is your data strategy?

If your data strategy is a good one, the information your organisation needs will be:

  • Well organised and formatted

  • Reliable and clean

  • A value centre, not a cost centre

  • Fully aligned with business strategy

Few organisations are in this position. The Data Practice's capabilities can get you there, practically and sustainably.


Can you rely on your data?  Can you back up the business decisions you’re making, if they're based on questionable data?

We can help you identify where data quality can be improved, and the processes that are needed to ensure it is clean – enabling you to make informed business decisions.

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Put your data to work for you.

Do you know the true value of your data as a corporate asset, both within your organisation and to boost sales and customer service? What opportunities are there for your company and partners to collaborate on customer understanding and value generation?

We can build roadmaps and insights that will get the most out of your data assets.



"A good data strategy creates business value through data transformation."

Brian Price
Delivery Director, The Data Practice

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